Frequently Asked Questions

We've outlined the most frequently asked questions below. If there's anything specific that hasn't been covered in any of these questions, please send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

1. How to access our GAIMIN server
1. How to access our GTA V server
2. Is GAIMIN a fully working platform right now?
Yes, it is fully working, although still at the MVP stage, which means it is a Minimum Viable Product (we are still testing many new features in this version), and we will be adding many more features in the coming months. When you download GAIMIN now during this early access period, you will be the among the very first to see all the new updates.
3. I read that if I download GAIMIN now that I will be a “tester”, what does this mean?
We have been running GAIMIN with approximately two thousand testers these last few months, and we are now giving early access to more gamers, so you too can now become a tester and help us grow and develop GAIMIN. As a tester, we will be asking for your feedback, suggestions, and ideas to help develop GAIMIN further. Also because you will be forming part of our "Elite Tester Group" you will be receiving some really cool and unique rewards.
4. Why are you only targeting gamers, other computer users may have GPUs/CPUs that you can use? Do I need a gaming computer?
You will need a Windows PC with a minimum of 4GB of VRAM in order to get the full benefits of GAIMIN. While we do not exclude non-gamers, we are targeting gamers for the following reasons:

1) They have the ideal computing resources (powerful gaming PCs).
2) Gaming is huge and is a massive growth industry.
3) Gamers already are familiar with digital wallets, digital marketplaces, digital goods and digital currencies, all of which we use in our GAIMIN platform.
4) We love gaming and it’s a lot of fun!
5. GAIMIN sometimes seems to use a lot of my GPU, what is happening?
GAIMIN mainly uses your GPU for monetization, and the amount of your GPU's RAM dedicated to GPU monetization auto-adjusts... basically Window's "balances the load". Depending on how powerful your GPU is, and what else you are doing at the time on your PC, GAIMIN "will" work completely invisibly in the background without you ever noticing it. However, and again this is depending on your GPU, if you are using a graphically high demanding game, while doing other graphically intense activities, (such as streaming), and also have other significant demands on your GPU, you may experience some lag. If this happens, then you can simply select the "Pause Monetization" option (in your Windows tray - right click on the GAIMIN icon), to stop GAIMIN using your GPU until you finish.

IMPORTANT: We are currently working on an automated solution to do all of this "automagically" for you in the background, so you will never have any lag. This fully automated upgrade will appear in a later version of GAIMIN. However, to help with this issue immediately, in our next upgrade we will include a semi-automated solution in which you can control how much of your GPU you choose to dedicate to GAIMIN's monetization with a simple-to-configure slider. Don't forget GAIMIN is not yet fully developed, right now we are still in MVP stage (which is like version 1.0), and we are fully committed to making GAIMIN the number one software platform for all gamers.
6. Does the GAIMIN application cause wear and tear or degradation of my GPU?
GPU degradation (like other electronic component degradation) is basically a myth. There are many YouTube videos that demonstrate this, here is a good one:
7. What about electricity cost, will my rewards cover this cost?
We have never produced any tests with our GAIMIN application where electricity costs were not easily covered with the regards gained. On this excellent website you can see figures for yourself here (you can enter your electric costs and calculate them.
Even during the infamous "crypto winter" of 2018, with very low mining rewards, when we tested our Alpha version of GAIMIN (as proof of concept), we never once produced a single instance of electricity being higher than the earned rewards – simply because our A.I. auto-selected the most profitable coins to mine, and maintained a healthy return. This is detailed in our Whitepaper and a report we produced called the "Alpha Report" after we produced the Alpha version of our platform.

In addition, don't forget, GAIMIN is designed to run in the background and only uses the RAM of the spare GPU power for monetization. That means the gamer already has his PC turned on, the screen already on, etc. So the true additional power use of GAIMIN working in the background is minimal, and of course – on any referral rewards (from introducing friends) you have zero power costs.

Summary: The additional power costs of running GAIMIN are negligible (less than running any modern game) because the PC is already on, and earned rewards are – of course – always significantly higher than any power cost. Plus future monetization options, like rendering, are even more profitable.
8. What about the qualification on levels 2 and 3 of the NEP referral program?
On our Network Expansion referral Program (NEP), you automatically get 10% of rewards from the hashpower generated from any gamer friend you introduce to GAIMIN via your unique NEP referral link. However, should they introduce people you will need to "qualify" to receive the 10% on this 2 (and 3rd) level by running GAIMIN a minimum of 10 hours per week in the background.

This qualification requirement ensures that we build an active user base, thus ensuring we have the GPU processing power to execute more profitable monetization strategies like rendering, in the future. The "qualification" also ensures all GAIMIN users have consistent and higher ongoing rewards. The 10 hours of running GAIMIN in the background is unnoticeable for a user.

Summary: The 10 hour per week qualification (GAIMIN app silently running in the background) benefits everyone, and is very easy to achieve for a gamer.
9. Is GAIMIN safe to use? I get an anti-virus notification that the miners GAIMIN use contain malware. 
GAIMIN is very safe and secure. Our software is being built by top developers, with quality code, and a huge focus on security. Since day one security is a core principle in every aspect of our project.

GAIMIN is perfectly safe to use and does not contain any viruses, although it might get flagged as having them. This is because the GAIMIN platform packages miner applications, to perform the blockchain computations, (which is one of the GPU monetization options that helps you earn passive rewards).When you choose to install this software, you are therefore knowingly installing safe and secure mining software, used by millions of people worldwide. In a case where you know that this is included, it is not malware... ​​But your antivirus software does not know that you chose to install it, and will still detect it in case you aren’t the one installing it, and therefore flags it. But don't worry, it's all perfectly safe.

This is a standard industry issue that we are working on to improve. There are simple guides to help install as well as our tech support. We have extensive help PDFs to guide a user through the simple setup to deal with this issue:
10. Why are rewards lower on certain LHR GPUs and on laptops?
Rewards are lower for certain LHR (which means Lite/Low Hash Rate) GPUs – because they have been "restricted" by the manufacturer. This is something our dev team is working on now, to enable dual coin mining and increase rewards. may be the case with your PC if you see lower than expected rewards.
11. A.I. Testing, Airdrops, Bonus GMRX, Bonus NFTs
Part of the next phase of development of the GAIMIN platform will be to further enhance our "A.I." in order to improve our machine learning capability and enable us to increase rewards in future upgrades. Because of this, the rewards you earn during this testing period may be less than optimal, as we dedicate some of your computational resources towards this goal. We will look to compensate this with extra game assets, so you definitely won't miss out.
12. Why won't my platform monetize?
There can be several reasons for your platform not monetizing, below we will list some of the most frequent offenders.

1) Your application have been quarantined by your antivirus software. To remedy this, go to and follow the instructions.
2) Your mining applications are being blocked by your 3rd party firewall.
3) You might be using a VPN, known VPNs to cause issues are NordVPN and ExpressVPN.
4)If your VPN allows it, use split tunneling on the Gaimin platform and the mining applications.
5) You are using the mining software from within a VM. Occasionally this might work, but inside certain VM solutions, the mining software cannot take hold of the CPU properly.

These are all situations that occur on your end (except VPN) and we cannot fix. As for the VPN, the mining pools we connect to reject access via certain VPNs, as such, this is also out of our hands.
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