"Powering The Game"

GAIMIN is a gaming platform designed to solve the 2 biggest problems for you, the gamer:  1) How to pay for your gaming; and 2) How to enjoy true ownership of your in-game assets.

GAIMIN is a gaming platform, built for you - the modern gamer - that runs in the background on your gaming PC, earning you rewards by passively monetizing your underused/unused computational resources and passing the GMRX rewards on to you to help pay for game asset purchase.

Play "Triple A" Games.

GAIMIN’s tech allows you to play some of your favorite AAA titles (more on the way) using your fully owned in-game assets across different games.

Play games, earn rewards.

You can even use your passive rewards to purchase gift cards for other top games (adding more soon).

Use your rewards on our marketplace.

GAIMIN has its own built-in marketplace where you can use your rewards to purchase unique game assets, which you can store in your personal account and use between different supported games.

Full control over your in-game assets.

We use some really cool "distributed ledger technology" (DLT) to allow you to safely and securely store your game assets, and then do whatever you want with them, like use them across different games, sell them, give them to a friend... you have full true ownership.

Don't want gaming assets?

If you don’t want to spend all your rewards on gaming assets, you can withdraw them from within your GAIMIN dashboard.

Run the platform, earn rewards. It's that simple.

As soon as you start running GAIMIN in the background on your PC you will begin to receive some really cool bonus “gamification” rewards that you can use in your gameplay.

Support whenever you need it.

We have 24/7 support in case you have any issues. Remember, right now you will be getting early access as a GAIMIN tester, so please let us know if you find any issues at all.

Get rewarded for referring others.

You'll also have access to our NEP (Network Expansion Program) referral system, so you can share your own personal GAIMIN link with your friends, and earn extra rewards when they download and use GAIMIN.

Customizable settings.

From within the settings you can customize GAIMIN as you choose.

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GAIMIN - Powering The Game

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